Music for Stationary Trilobites is a four movement electro-acoustic composition initially created as a 10-channel surround installation for the Burgess Shale exhibit at the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum ( in Drumheller, Alberta. Trilobites explores a collection of sounds’ ability to colour, enhance, augment, and direct a listening space or situation, with particular focus on new environments created in a world of portable listening spaces.

The conceptual basis of the piece was to create a musical narrative of early forms of life on the planet (Precambrian super eon to the Triassic period) that enhances the specific Burgess Shale exhibit, but also has meaningful function when extrapolated onto new situations. While initially conceived as a surround installation, Trilobites was modified to conform to a more accessible stereo format and to accommodate personal listening situations like those created while listening to music with headphones, travelling in an automobile, or with a home hi-fi system.

The audience is encouraged to accept their individual listening space as a unique experience while listening to Trilobites to facilitate awareness of subtle perceptual changes of environment surroundings.

Music for Stationary Trilobites
1 – Pre Cambria (11:49)
2 – Cambria (7:03)
3 – The Great Dying (5:18)
4 – Trias (9:05)
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