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Crowded Spaces is a four-movement electro‐acoustic exploration of sound association and creative process written and recorded by Western Canadian composer Jon Martin. The piece was created through a 3-stage hybrid composition‐improvisation cycle that incorporates several concepts presented in Dennis Smalley’s Spectromorphology: explaining sound‐shapes (1997).
The intent of Crowded Spaces is to provide commentary on isolation in modern ‘crowded spaces’ and develop a defined creative process that facilitated aspects of indeterminacy, reduced listening, and sonic exploration. New experiences are created by challenging the listeners existing gestural association with particular sounds (‘source bonding’), by juxtaposing bonded material and unbonded material, and by exploring the associative makeup of particular sound gestures.
A collection of several real and abstract ‘crowded spaces’ were compiled and used as a compositional roadmap for the piece, with each larger ‘space’ being divided into thee smaller subsections.
It is recommended that Crowded Spaces is listened to as a complete piece in a solitary listening environment.

Crowded Spaces

1 – Buildings

Floors 0-8 /Floors 13-21/Floors 34-55

2 – City
/Green Space/Tea Room

3 – Transport


4 – Abstract

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