Crowded Spaces

I’ve been holed up for the last month or so getting project submissions finished for a conference and finishing up a second electro-acoustic album I’ve been working on called Crowded Spaced. It will still be just a little bit longer before it’s officially released, but my brother Andrew Martin did up some album artwork that you can check out right now below:

Crowded Spaces is an ambient/art music/noise hybrid and looks at looks at different ideas of crowding that exist as a result of modern perspective and technology. There are four movements that each contain three smaller subsections.
Track list:

I’ll keep you posted about a release date.

On the other side of things, The New Weather Machine be playing an event held by The Meliorist on April 5th. I know that another local band called The Utilities and a couple others will be performing as well.

Most importantly, the new David Bowie album is out and it’s fantastic, but I didn’t need to say that did I?
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