Delayed Sound City thoughts

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I finally decided to watch the copy of Dave Grohl’s Sound City that has been sitting on the shelf for 6 or 7 months. Before it was released I was pretty excited to see it. There seemed to be a lot of musicians and engineers involved I’m a fan of, and, any opportunity I have to dump more useless information into my landfill of technical knowledge is usually welcomed.

Eventually I got to thinking about why exactly I hand’t thrown in on at some point and realized that I go through the same cycle of excitement, apathy, then “sober intake” with things all the time. I would like to think that it’s something fun like a subconscious device my body uses to remove me from the bias caused by the hype surrounding something new, but it’s probably just a sign of my slowly depleting attention span.

Anyway, Sound City was decent, if not a bit dry. I’m a big fan of awesome recording gear and instruments, and had heard that there was a significant amount of Neve and analogue tape chest beating, but the amount of times that people reference the console (or “board,” or “desk,” etc) is ridiculous. Yes – we get it. You spent all of the hours sitting at the Neve while it sprayed everything with its unicorn gun.

The more interesting bits, however, sit somewhere between the lines and directly in front of you - mostly having to do with actually performing music in some capacity. Specifically, there is a little bit at the end, where, after recording a song, Dave Grohl asks Paul McCartney something like “Why can’t it always be this easy?”. Paul quickly replies, “It is,” and sums up everything that was important in the film.

There were some interesting things and interviews, but it’s the last little bit that I’ll be thinking about later.