nothing is familiar

I'm New Here

The debut compilation album from Mixtape Club has been released and is slowly making it’s way across the airwaves, cassette decks, and internets. We have sold out of physical subscriptions, but an option for a digital only subscription will be available soon. My contribution is called Nothing is Familiar. Check it out!

This month’s track list:


1.Curtis Windover- What is the Point?

2.Karimiah - Don't Let Me Eat Alone

3.Consilience- All I Know

4.Liam Trimble - Front Page Of The End Times

5.Paul Cournoyer - California Cowgirl

6.Brenna Lowrie - Now (Again)


6.Jesse Northey- It's Just A Card

7.Mark Mills- Little Bike

8.Jon Martin- Nothing is Familiar

9.Joel Stretch- Pressed into the Pavement

10.Doug Hoyer - Born Yesterday

11. Scott Bartlett - All Brand New


Scott Mckellar - Into Gold

Aaron Trozzo - Canoe Here

J. Eygenraam - Heat of The Night

Joe Nolan- Untitled

Michael Granzow - I'm New Here
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