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Busy time of year! The February Mixtape was a little late coming together, but it’s officially out now. My song for this month is called Ocean Memory, which is available on the music page.

Another compilation song was on the blocks this week, for Norwegian Blue’s Windy City 2 comp. With the limited amount of time we had, it turned out to be a really fun song to record. We had set a session up for the middle of the week, so I put a song together on Tuesday and we banged the bed tracks out on Wednesday night in a couple hours. It’s strangely(and alarmingly) uncommon these days when a song actually gets recorded in room with a bunch of people all at the same time, no click, no headphones, PA on, etc., essentially a rehearsal situation with the recording mics set up. Given the nature of modern recording setups, people typically do songs bit by bit and piece everything together like a puzzle more than a snapshot of a moment. One isn’t inherently better than the other, and I’m definitely a fan of both ways of doing it, as the results are completely different, but this time we chose option A. The song is called Is This Tomorrow? and should be released by Norwegian Blue in the coming weeks on their Windy City 2 compilation.

Finally, I had an experiment I wanted to try with make a dynamics-controllable supporting instrument and gave it a spin yesterday. The idea was basically to generate new, useful, and related sounds from what is already being played by the guitar and vocal. It’s controlled by the volume and duration of certain frequencies, so it can be used somewhat like an additional supporting instrument that is manipulated in real time. I’m going to take a few more stabs at the idea and see what I can do with it, but here is the result of the experiment with a song called From The Outside.

Apocalypse Tape

The October Mixtape Club compilation has been released and it turned out great! I thought it would be a well represented month given the Apocalypse theme that everyone seems to be very fond of (alarming?). Both Jason and I contributed songs, Jason’s song is called Dead on the Rise and mine is called Circling. I have decided that I will keep two months worth of my submissions up on the music page so that non-subscribers can have access to a little piece of the project is all about.

You can check it out/sign up for a digital subscription here:


I'm New Here

The debut compilation album from Mixtape Club has been released and is slowly making it’s way across the airwaves, cassette decks, and internets. We have sold out of physical subscriptions, but an option for a digital only subscription will be available soon. My contribution is called Nothing is Familiar. Check it out!

This month’s track list:


1.Curtis Windover- What is the Point?

2.Karimiah - Don't Let Me Eat Alone

3.Consilience- All I Know

4.Liam Trimble - Front Page Of The End Times

5.Paul Cournoyer - California Cowgirl

6.Brenna Lowrie - Now (Again)


6.Jesse Northey- It's Just A Card

7.Mark Mills- Little Bike

8.Jon Martin- Nothing is Familiar

9.Joel Stretch- Pressed into the Pavement

10.Doug Hoyer - Born Yesterday

11. Scott Bartlett - All Brand New


Scott Mckellar - Into Gold

Aaron Trozzo - Canoe Here

J. Eygenraam - Heat of The Night

Joe Nolan- Untitled

Michael Granzow - I'm New Here

SCF 2014 Finals

Last weekend Jon joined a group of excellent Southern Alberta songwriters at the South Country Fair Songwriting Competition at The Slice in Lethbridge with the song Can’t Go Back. While they didn’t manage to take the big prize, Jon, Paul, and Kris came in a very respectable second place! You can check out the performance below:

Trilobites…trilobites as far as the eye can see

I hope everyone is enjoying the gross, but typical weather we’ve been having. I don’t mind the cold and snow so much, but I’m not a terribly big fan of the extra dry air and the swelling of my fingers after I’ve spent an hour shovelling snow - I find it makes the majority of the music things (and walking) more difficult to do.

I’ve been busy finishing up work on the stereo version of Music for Stationary Trilobites, which is now completed and available at all the usual places. You can check it out on/stream it from Soundcloud, or go to iTunes, CdBaby, Amazon, if you want to buy your very own copy. I should also preface any Trilobite listening by saying that I think it makes the most sense if you listen to it as a whole, and with some reasonable speakers or headphones (not laptop speakers!). A full page dedicated the album will be up in the coming days.

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