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Thanks to everyone who came out to the Halloween show and to Bands as Bands! We had a hell of a good time and hope you did too!

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Halloween scare tactics

Long time! First off I want to say thanks to everyone who came out for our acoustic performances during Lethbridge Arts Days. We met some really cool people and had a blast working out acoustic arrangements of our songs. This is an area that I want to explore a little bit more, although I’m unsure if it’s in a live or recorded (both?)capacity. Because we put a lot of focus on the electric elements of music, I find it hard to find opportunities where acoustic instruments and strings are appropriate. Without entering a technology vs nature discussion, there is something very natural and satisfying about the tonal palette of acoustic instruments, particularly strings (and more specifically the cello), that does not surface nearly as much as I think it should in modern music outside of country or audience insulting-garbage like Mumford and Sons. Put it on the long shortlist!

Anyway, we’ve got 2 killer shows coming up at the end of the month, both of which are Halloween parties, and both of which are at The Slice. The first is on the actual 31st of the month and will feature Cosmic Charley, Jesse and the Dandelions, and New Weather Machine. You can check out the poster below.

This one will be somewhat of a special show, as Jesse, who has served dutifully in the role of bass player for the past couple years, is moving to Edmonton at the beginning of November. This will be his last official show with the band, although I’m sure he’ll still pop up around town given the awesome local music community and the inherent geographic challenges that exists for musicians in Alberta.

The October 31st Halloween show will be recorded and will probably be put up in some fashion on the website.

The low-end empty spaces left by Jesse will be filled by a good friend of mine and bass extraordinaire, Jason Schultchen. i have played with Jason in different capacities over the last 10 or 12 years and the band is exited for him to be joining us. His first performance with us will be at the second Halloween party on November 1st.

The November 1st show has a fun and simple concept, where local bands dress up and perform the music of other bands. “Bands as Bands” so they call it. There are some really good band choices made by some really good bands (you can check out the list on the event page by following this link). The New Weather Machine has decided to take a shot at tackling Queen. I have been trying to think up some sort of a good synthesis pun of the names, but the best I’ve been able to do is “New Weather MaQueen” - a name that may better suit our bizarro-world Irish counter parts.


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