Trilobites…trilobites as far as the eye can see

I hope everyone is enjoying the gross, but typical weather we’ve been having. I don’t mind the cold and snow so much, but I’m not a terribly big fan of the extra dry air and the swelling of my fingers after I’ve spent an hour shovelling snow - I find it makes the majority of the music things (and walking) more difficult to do.

I’ve been busy finishing up work on the stereo version of Music for Stationary Trilobites, which is now completed and available at all the usual places. You can check it out on/stream it from Soundcloud, or go to iTunes, CdBaby, Amazon, if you want to buy your very own copy. I should also preface any Trilobite listening by saying that I think it makes the most sense if you listen to it as a whole, and with some reasonable speakers or headphones (not laptop speakers!). A full page dedicated the album will be up in the coming days.

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