Crowded Spaces finished

So Crowded Spaces has been mastered and, while it will be up on the interwebs in the usual places within the next couple days, you can check it out right now!

Recommend listening for proper effect: all 4 tracks in one go with some decent headphones or a stereo

Crowded Spaces

I’ve been holed up for the last month or so getting project submissions finished for a conference and finishing up a second electro-acoustic album I’ve been working on called Crowded Spaced. It will still be just a little bit longer before it’s officially released, but my brother Andrew Martin did up some album artwork that you can check out right now below:

Crowded Spaces is an ambient/art music/noise hybrid and looks at looks at different ideas of crowding that exist as a result of modern perspective and technology. There are four movements that each contain three smaller subsections.
Track list:

I’ll keep you posted about a release date.

On the other side of things, The New Weather Machine be playing an event held by The Meliorist on April 5th. I know that another local band called The Utilities and a couple others will be performing as well.

Most importantly, the new David Bowie album is out and it’s fantastic, but I didn’t need to say that did I?
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