Authors and Books! November Mixtape

Another great month for the Mixtape Club! The Authors and Books theme helped coax out what is possibly the most varied set of songs so far. It’s also kind of fun not really knowing what book (or author) is being referenced in the song. When I was mastering them, I wasn’t sure what the reference was, I just pretended it was something else and inserted my own. Kind of the same thing that happens when someone is telling you about a movie or tv show that you’ve never seen and while they’re telling you about it you are picturing whatever it is as something completely different. Think of Game of Thrones but in the world of the second Alien movie - much excite!

I was having a tough time choosing between a book I was reading and I book I had just read, and eventually opted to go for the book I was reading. I don’t want to ruin all the fun but I’ll narrow it down by saying the book I chose to work from is at least 50 years old and is awesome. My song is called Reflection of the Mother Sun.

Anyway, coming up at the end of the month we’ll be doing a show with The Moonrunners and Mormon Girls at the Slice. Looking forward to debuting a few new songs after a little bit of a live break. In the last bit I’ve also gone through and redone my pedal board and *finally* found a fuzz pedal that:
a)sounds awesome,
b)requires minimal fucking around to sound awesome, and
c)possesses a picture of the much heralded Fuzz God.

The show is on November 29th/$10 at the door and you can find more info here.

November 2014 - Authors and Books

1.Doug Hoyer - Chapters of a Life
2.Jon Martin - Reflections of the Mother Sun
3.Syd Gross - Sapper Kip
4.Mark Mills - Brother Heard the Trumpet
5.Jesse Northey - The Glass House
6.Bombproof the Horses - The Ground Where One Thousand Flowers Bloom
7.Aaron Trozzo -A Massacre? A Sex Orgy? A Joke?
8.Brenna Lowrie - Death in Venice
9.Joel Stretch - Words of my Roaring (for RK)
10.Jason Oakes - Shakespeare and Company


Karimah - Peaches and Dreams

Artwork by Robyn Taylor-Neu
Mastering by Jon Martin
Layout by Iwona Fafarek

Apocalypse Tape

The October Mixtape Club compilation has been released and it turned out great! I thought it would be a well represented month given the Apocalypse theme that everyone seems to be very fond of (alarming?). Both Jason and I contributed songs, Jason’s song is called Dead on the Rise and mine is called Circling. I have decided that I will keep two months worth of my submissions up on the music page so that non-subscribers can have access to a little piece of the project is all about.

You can check it out/sign up for a digital subscription here:


I'm New Here

The debut compilation album from Mixtape Club has been released and is slowly making it’s way across the airwaves, cassette decks, and internets. We have sold out of physical subscriptions, but an option for a digital only subscription will be available soon. My contribution is called Nothing is Familiar. Check it out!

This month’s track list:


1.Curtis Windover- What is the Point?

2.Karimiah - Don't Let Me Eat Alone

3.Consilience- All I Know

4.Liam Trimble - Front Page Of The End Times

5.Paul Cournoyer - California Cowgirl

6.Brenna Lowrie - Now (Again)


6.Jesse Northey- It's Just A Card

7.Mark Mills- Little Bike

8.Jon Martin- Nothing is Familiar

9.Joel Stretch- Pressed into the Pavement

10.Doug Hoyer - Born Yesterday

11. Scott Bartlett - All Brand New


Scott Mckellar - Into Gold

Aaron Trozzo - Canoe Here

J. Eygenraam - Heat of The Night

Joe Nolan- Untitled

Michael Granzow - I'm New Here

Mixtape Club

So in a few days the first edition of the Mixtape Club will launch. What is this and why should I care? Mixtape Club is basically a monthly compilation written by artists from all over Alberta and sent out to people via digital and physical cassette distribution. It will run from September 2014 until August 2015 with a different theme each month.

In addition to contributing as an artist, I am also performing mastering duties to keep everything more or less on the straight-and-narrow. I was going through the 15 submissions for the first month and was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the angles that all of the contributing songwriters took both lyrically and musically. I really like that you get little encapsulated bits of the individual music scenes that are represented across the songs, particularly in the case of Lethbridge and Edmonton.

You can check it out or subscribe here:
or here:

Full Moon party!

This Friday the 13th we’ll be having a most excellent Full Moon Party! While the particular alignment of a Friday the 13th and a full moon means nothing in actuality, it is the last time it will happen until 2049 (which is jetpack territory). It’s also what’s called a “honey moon,” due to the moon’s intense yellow nature in the month of June. The New Weather Machine will be once again joined by Jesse Plessis on the piano, and will be sharing the bill with the fantastic Brenna Lowrie Band.

I tried my hand again at digital painting with a drawing tablet to make the poster for this particular event, and took a swing at recreating a scene from a book I was reading called Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler about the interwar period in Russia which I highly recommend (the book not the interwar period in Russia).

new weather machine full moon party poster

SCF 2014 Finals

Last weekend Jon joined a group of excellent Southern Alberta songwriters at the South Country Fair Songwriting Competition at The Slice in Lethbridge with the song Can’t Go Back. While they didn’t manage to take the big prize, Jon, Paul, and Kris came in a very respectable second place! You can check out the performance below:

Spring Fling!

The Spring Fling is finally upon us! Tonight $10 at the Slice featuring Treeline, Sheala Miller, Rancho Deluxe, The New Weather Machine, and special guests. You can check it out here.

Mountain Dreams

Hope everyone is doing well. Things have been slightly strange and busy as of late, but I would say mostly in a positive way. There are a couple of shows coming up that we’re looking forward to, the first on Saturday, April 5th in the main Lodge at Castle Mountain Ski Resort for the year end closing party for the hill, and the second on April 19th at the Slice with a killer local lineup.

Every event that I have played, and typically every event I have been to at Castle has been a most excellent time, partially because the mountain people are good people, and partially because everyone is more or less committed to whatever is happening on a given evening and make the best of it. Really looking forward to this one!

I’ll have to wait for more details about the show at the Slice on April 19th, but I do know it will feature some of my favourite local artists and performers.

Following the departure of Jesse (Northey), the band has essentially taken on two different line-ups. For the aforementioned shows we will be in the slightly more aggressive arrangement of Jason Oakes on guitar, Jason Schultchen on bass, Clayton Smith on drums, and Jesse Plessis on piano and keyboards. I am constantly amazed at how much a difference a single person makes to the sounds of an ensemble, let alone several, and how it changes my role within the group. It’s kind of like a tree changing forests - I’m still a tree with a bunch of other trees (and bushes), but different branches stand out depending the what other foliage is around. Or something like that.


Apparently I like to post pictures after shows, and I’m not one to disappoint. Pictures courtesy of Andrew Martin.

Gig notes: Really enjoyed it, great crowd! Mental note to test extra technology being used thoroughly prior to using. Tried a pair of speakers made by Weber that are supposed to be as close to vintage purple-back Fanes’s as you can readily acquire and was pleased with the speaker compression and cut. Mental note #2: figure out how to not smash my toes to bloody bits while performing and remember to wear dark coloured socks in the event that I don’t sort it out.

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Special February 1st show

With the help of Jesse Plessis we will be doing a very special show at the Slice on February 1st. I’ve talked to a few people lately who have been wanting local shows to start a little bit closer to on time, so we will be starting as close to 9:30 as is reasonable.

Jesse will be doing an opening set on his own and will then join us for the rest of the evening, including doing some new material and (trying) something we have been talking about doing for a long time (I’ll let your imagination and the poster team up to figure that one out Happy)

Dark side of the vulture
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