Mountain Dreams

Hope everyone is doing well. Things have been slightly strange and busy as of late, but I would say mostly in a positive way. There are a couple of shows coming up that we’re looking forward to, the first on Saturday, April 5th in the main Lodge at Castle Mountain Ski Resort for the year end closing party for the hill, and the second on April 19th at the Slice with a killer local lineup.

Every event that I have played, and typically every event I have been to at Castle has been a most excellent time, partially because the mountain people are good people, and partially because everyone is more or less committed to whatever is happening on a given evening and make the best of it. Really looking forward to this one!

I’ll have to wait for more details about the show at the Slice on April 19th, but I do know it will feature some of my favourite local artists and performers.

Following the departure of Jesse (Northey), the band has essentially taken on two different line-ups. For the aforementioned shows we will be in the slightly more aggressive arrangement of Jason Oakes on guitar, Jason Schultchen on bass, Clayton Smith on drums, and Jesse Plessis on piano and keyboards. I am constantly amazed at how much a difference a single person makes to the sounds of an ensemble, let alone several, and how it changes my role within the group. It’s kind of like a tree changing forests - I’m still a tree with a bunch of other trees (and bushes), but different branches stand out depending the what other foliage is around. Or something like that.