Spring, where are you?

It’s been a while! The beginning of this year has been a little bit crazy, and this’ and thats are pulling me everywhere. I would always prefer to be busy than bored, so I’m going to take it as a win.

What’s new? While it has been a fairly mild winter, I am completely sick of being cold. It would be great if the weather gods would just stick with one temperature for more than a few days. As soon as one acclimatizes to the pleasantries of the sun, it gets covered up by horrible cold drops by 20 or 30 degrees and feels way colder than if it was a consistent temperature. But I digress….

The Mixtape Club has been going really well. Last month the song I wrote for it, Bombshelter Children, has been added to the music page. It’s a little bit of a departure from what I normally do, and is more in line with the electro-acoustic pieces I’ve done, like Crowded Spaces and Music for Stationary Trilobites (which you can also find on the site).

We will also be taking part in another compilation called Windy City Rock Volume II that will be released later in the year that features a slathering of great southern Alberta artist.

Will post a more comprehensive update soon!